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Breaking Language Barriers, One Idea
at a Time

Welcome to Keynotes, where expertise meets excellence in bridging linguistic and cultural gaps between the United States and Latin America through top-quality English and Spanish translations and articles.


Keynotes Delivers Top Quality English and Spanish Translation Services Since 2000

Keynotes, a distinguished woman- and minority-owned company, stands as a trusted bridge between nations, delivering unparalleled translation and editorial services to esteemed clients, including The White House. With a rich legacy spanning since 2000, we cater to businesses, government agencies, non-profits, and individuals. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our top-quality services, real-time turnarounds, unwavering reliability, steadfast integrity, and utmost confidentiality.

What We Offer

At Keynotes, we offer professional and reliable translation services in both Spanish and English. Whether you need help with content creation, localization and adaptation, transcription and subtitles, or interpreting, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled team of experts will ensure that your project is completed accurately and efficiently.



Accurate and highly professional translation services with very quick turnarounds. Precise yet natural interpretations that convey the intended meaning. Copy that sounds like it was written in the target language.

Editing & Proofreading

Text edited to the highest linguistic and editorial standards. Language that targets specific audiences, retains the tone, conveys nuances and conforms to client preferences and grammatical and style rules.


Content Creation & Curation

Articles, media releases, social media and website content, educational materials and many other types of documents drawing on our editorial, linguistic and teaching experience.

Localization & Adaptation

Content written in polished yet easily understood language that accurately conveys clients’ messages with sensitivity to readers’ cultural and linguistic diversity.


Transcription & Subtitles

Exact records, from verbatim text to summaries, of audio and video in English and Spanish with time coding and to customized specifications. Addition of subtitles to videos.

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

In an external evaluation, we received a rating of 98% from our clients.

The Latin Recording Academy
The Brennan Center
for Justice 
The Miami Herald
Dotdash Meredith
Florida International University
The White House
National Alliance for Hispanic Health 
Plus Communications
Sony Music
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
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